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To avoid Heartburn

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1 To avoid Heartburn on Tue 18 Nov - 9:45

To Your Health
Looking forward to some big feasts this season? Here are a few ways to avoid heartburn:

Eat slowly and chew thoughtfully.

Wear loose clothing. Loosen your belt to prevent pressure on your stomach.

Avoid overeating. Fill your plate only once, with a reasonable amount of food.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, carbonated drinks, chocolate, fatty or fried foods, mint, tomatoes, and spicy foods.

Avoid bending over just after the meal.

Take a walk or undertake some other light exercise an hour or two after eating.

Wait at least 3 hours before lying down. Before you fall asleep, elevate your head with an extra pillow.

For heartburn, take a teaspoon of carbonate of soda dissolved in sweetened water.

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