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Signs of Winter

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1 Signs of Winter on Thu 6 Nov - 11:51

This came from a newsletter I recieve from the Old farmer's Almanac. In fact that's where most of my weather folkore (or is it folklore?) comes from!

Few things concern the gardener more than the first warning signs of winter. At The Old Farmerís Almanac, we employ scientific disciplines to predict the weather but also believe in keeping a close eye on nature. The following are all considered traditional signs of a severe winter ahead:

Geese fly south at a high altitude.
Oak trees bear many acorns.
Chipmunks are abundant.
Lakes and rivers freeze later than usual.
Onions grow thicker skins than usual.
Squirrels are gathering a large supply of nuts.
Woodpeckers appear early.
Lots of berries.
Corn husks are thicker and stronger.

I think nature gives us more clues to what the weather will be like than science!

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