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Once you become a member you can edit your profile by clicking profile from the top of the page. Here you can change your password, your preferences, your avatar and your signature. You can also set if you want private messages (PMs) Remember that most of what you put in here is public information (EXCEPT your password and registration info) so only put what you want others to see. Click on the tabs along the top and select only what you want others to see. Have fun...Once I figure out how, I'll add more avatars to the collection, but you can add signatures (text and pictures) and avatars from your computer. When you add signature pics, please don't use really big pictures. I think 450 X 450 pixels should be big enough. I haven't experimented with them in here, but bigger ones will stretch the forum out of shape. Please use family oriented pictures as there are impressionable minds (kids) that frequent here as well. Thank you!

Just have fun!

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