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Old and New Ways of Storing Apples and Pears

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Apples and pears should all be gathered in early in October, and if of late-keeping varieties, pack them at once in barrels or boxes, and place them in a cool, dry cellar where the temperature will vary but little from 8 degrees above the freezing point of water. In such a place they should be kept until wanted for use or for sale. To change the air or temperature will hasten decay, which is a fact that many of the past generation failed to learn.

–“Farmer’s Calendar,” The Old Farmer’s Almanac, 1900

And here’s a modern approach to storing apples:

Apples keep well for about six months at temperatures between freezing and 45 degrees F. A Styrofoam chest or a double cardboard box in a cool mudroom or cellar can approximate root cellar conditions

courtesy of Old Farmer's Almanac

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