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Rules and Guildelines

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1 Rules and Guildelines on Wed 23 Jul - 23:19

I want this forum to be fun, entertaining and sharing with friends. So in order to keep that I won't post many rules.

1. Please NO spam
2. Please post in appropriate places. Makes things so much easier to find.
3. No flaming, or harassing of members. I want to have a fun site, and if you have a problem with one of the other members, please keep it outside of here.
4. Post as often as you like. I'd like to see at least 1 post a month to stay a member.
5. There will be kids here so please keep the forums clean.
6. Above all, have fun.

That's it. I reserve the right to alter, delete or add any rules and guidelines as the need arises. Thank you for reading and enjoy the site. Any suggestions will be welcomed!

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2 Re: Rules and Guildelines on Thu 24 Jul - 12:10

read and understood Smile

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3 Re: Rules and Guildelines on Tue 30 Sep - 12:41

Got it Chef Smile

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