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Did you know...

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1 Did you know... on Thu 6 Nov - 11:48

Just a fun bit of trivia ~

November 9, 1906
The first time a U.S. president traveled outside the country (T. Roosevelt).

November 10, 2002
Seventy tornadoes churned across the eastern U.S.

Feel free to add to this for the month of November.

Very Happy

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2 Re: Did you know... on Tue 18 Nov - 9:47

November 18, 1931

Canada’s record wind speed of 126 mph (203 kph) was recorded at Cape Hopes Advance, Ungava Peninsula, Quebec.

November 19, 1863

President Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address.

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3 Re: Did you know... on Thu 20 Nov - 10:41

November 21, 1620
The Mayflower Compact was signed.

November 22, 1963
President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas at the age of 46.

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4 Re: Did you know... on Tue 25 Nov - 9:25

November 24–25, 1971—Thanksgiving Snowstorm

Albany, N.Y., picked up 22.5 inches, the greatest November snowfall on record, with amounts up to 30 inches reported elsewhere.

November 25, 1983—The Great Thanksgiving Weekend Blizzard

This storm hit Denver, Colo., and produced 21.5 inches of snow in 37 hours, closing Stapleton Airport for 24 hours.

November 26, 1987—Thanksgiving Day Storm

Snowfall totals ranged up to 20 inches at Flagstaff Lake, Maine, and 18 inches at Errol, New Hampshire. A second storm produced nine inches at Kanosh, Utah, and 13 inches at Divide, Colo.

November 23, 1989—Thanksgiving Day Storm

This big storm produced up to 14 inches over Cape Cod, Mass. Snow totals of 4.7 inches at New York City and 6 inches at Newark, N.J., were records for Thanksgiving Day.

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